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Golf Tournaments and Caddies

May 17, 2011

One of our favorite types of events to be a part of is golf outings!  Whether it is a charity tournament or a casual foursome, our staff is consistently hired throughout the country to help events hit a hole-in-one.  Our gorgeous and talented caddies have all the necessary golf trappings: water, snacks, good conversation, proper game etiquette, and knowledge of the game. Did we mention they also have a killer swing? From assisting your guests with club selection to chauffeuring your cart, these ladies will make your day on the course one to remember.

We’ve also been involved in the creative planning of golf holes at charity tournaments.  As part of our sponsorship division, we connect our consumer product clients with golf event planners.  For our clients like Hacienda Vieja Tequila or Mike’s Hard Lemonade, sponsoring a golf hole is a great exposure opportunity for their product.  By sampling their product in creative ways, our clients reach hundreds of new consumers at each event.  For the event planners, a product sponsor adds a memorable aspect to the golf holes and helps raise more funds for their chosen charity. 

When we link up our clients with golf tournaments, we love to get creative with their booth setup!  Be it a scotch tasting paired with a blackjack table or a lemonade stand with old-style lawn games, we love to highlight our creative marketing ideas to enhance our client’s exposure at the event.  Our spokes models are always present, educating golfers on the brands and sampling products throughout the day. 

Some of the tournaments we’ve recently been involved with have taken place all over Southern California:

  • Crystal Head Vodka @ Rolling Hills Country Club
  • Carson Palmer Golf Tournament – Sweet Dealin’ Blackjack Hole
  • 8th Annual Golf for Youth @ Pelican Hill Golf Resort
  • Hacienda Vieja Tequil hole @ Christermon Golf Tournament
  • And more!!

If you are looking to find out more about bringing in a sponsor to your golf tournament or would like to sponsor a golf hole, email us at


Beach Bashes and Promotions

May 11, 2011

Summer is on its way and we are gearing up to celebrate it in sunny style!  The Sweet Deal HQ is based in Redondo Beach, California, merely a mile from the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  All of us here at the office are die-hard beach fanatics and you may even see us sunning on a beer patio near the Strand after a long week’s work!  Our clients also love to take advantage of the crowds of happy sun-tanners near the beach so we find ourselves mixing fun with work often during the summer months, be it at a special event, street team or beach party.

One of our most memorable summer events took place near Venice Beach when our beautiful bunnies sprawled out across the beach cities to spread the Coors Light love!  The promotion was part of the Cold Front Glacier party marketing campaign, where a giant iceberg was floated in all the way from Long Beach to Santa Monica.  Along with the iceberg came the first cases of Coors Light Cold Activated Can, which lets drinkers know when their brewski has reached the ultimate refreshing cooling temperature. Our beach bunnies dressed up in their Coors Light snow suits and walked throughout the city passing out flyers and getting people to join the party happening on the pier.  With free Coors, live music and clear ocean views, it was a rockin’ day to remember for the thousands of Coors fans showing up to celebrate in summer style. 

We’ve also been a part of some great private beach parties as part of our Event Planning division!  Last summer we produced a surprise birthday bash for a very special lady on Santa Monica beach.  It was a day full of drinks, games, volleyball, good friends and a whole lot of fun.  We pulled together multiple aspects of the event from start to finish: tent rental, snacks, drinks, and music.  And of course, a beach party can’t be complete without the ultimate summer drink: SANGRIA!  Our event hostesses cut up fresh fruit and mixed it into the sangria with a touch of peach brandy.  No wonder this party went past its original ending time; we were all having too much fun in the sun!

Try making your own peach sangria for your upcoming beach bash. We recommend this recipe to really get the party started!


Sparkling Açaí Sangria



Garnish: Blueberries, sliced strawberries and orange wedges

Glass: Rocks


Fill a pitcher three-quarters of the way with ice. Add all the ingredients except the sparkling wine and stir well. Top with sparkling wine and garnish with blueberries, sliced strawberries and orange wedges.

Don’t Siesta, Fiesta!

May 4, 2011

Since the beginning of 2010, Sweet Deal has been proud and excited to work with a new liquor partner: Skyy Spirits!!  Skyy has a vast portfolio of new and well-known spirits, and Sweet Deal has been their staffing partner for all promotions in Southern California during 2010 and continuing into this year.  From Midori Melon Liquor to Skyy Infusions, our spokes models have fanned across the state promoting Skyy’s brands at numerous special events. 

One of the most effective and fun times of the year to promote any of Skyy’s brands is around the holidays.  We’ve promoted X-Rated Liqueur for Valentine romantics; Skyy Pineapple for July 4th barbecues; and Midori Melon for St. Patty’s parties.  But the ultimate holiday for on-premise promotions and spicy fun is Cinco De Mayo!!  Cinco de Mayo is one of the busiest days for us at Sweet Deal.  It’s when our spokes models fan out to bars across So-Cal to show bar patrons how to keep away the siesta and bring on the fiesta!!

Sweet Deal models Kim and Deena with Sammy Hagar

Last year, Cabo Wabo Tequila was the star of the day when our brand ambassadors handed out a ‘shot of rock and roll’ to thousands of bar patrons.  Cabo Wabo is a smooth-tasting tequila created by the famed Van Halen rocker, Sammy Hagar.  Out at the bars, our models can be seen passing out sweet samples to partyers, playing games and giving away free goodies.  To keep with the spirit of rock and roll, our models dress up in fitting attire and don the signature Cabo Wabo cowboy hat.  Our Sweet Deal models aren’t only found at the bars; they can be seen rockin’ on stage with Sammy at his concerts, always making sure to bring out his shot of tequila with style.  Our Cabo models also serve up samples at golf tournaments, fundraisers, and in-store demos. 

What are you doing this Cinco de Mayo?  If you are in Southern California, make sure to keep an eye open for our Cabo Wabo models to get your own shot of rock and roll!!