Golf Tournaments and Caddies


One of our favorite types of events to be a part of is golf outings!  Whether it is a charity tournament or a casual foursome, our staff is consistently hired throughout the country to help events hit a hole-in-one.  Our gorgeous and talented caddies have all the necessary golf trappings: water, snacks, good conversation, proper game etiquette, and knowledge of the game. Did we mention they also have a killer swing? From assisting your guests with club selection to chauffeuring your cart, these ladies will make your day on the course one to remember.

We’ve also been involved in the creative planning of golf holes at charity tournaments.  As part of our sponsorship division, we connect our consumer product clients with golf event planners.  For our clients like Hacienda Vieja Tequila or Mike’s Hard Lemonade, sponsoring a golf hole is a great exposure opportunity for their product.  By sampling their product in creative ways, our clients reach hundreds of new consumers at each event.  For the event planners, a product sponsor adds a memorable aspect to the golf holes and helps raise more funds for their chosen charity. 

When we link up our clients with golf tournaments, we love to get creative with their booth setup!  Be it a scotch tasting paired with a blackjack table or a lemonade stand with old-style lawn games, we love to highlight our creative marketing ideas to enhance our client’s exposure at the event.  Our spokes models are always present, educating golfers on the brands and sampling products throughout the day. 

Some of the tournaments we’ve recently been involved with have taken place all over Southern California:

  • Crystal Head Vodka @ Rolling Hills Country Club
  • Carson Palmer Golf Tournament – Sweet Dealin’ Blackjack Hole
  • 8th Annual Golf for Youth @ Pelican Hill Golf Resort
  • Hacienda Vieja Tequil hole @ Christermon Golf Tournament
  • And more!!

If you are looking to find out more about bringing in a sponsor to your golf tournament or would like to sponsor a golf hole, email us at


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