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Derby, Roses, & Juleps

April 7, 2011

As the weather warms up and people’s spirits are high, there’s a lot of talk about sports seasons.  From sitting in the sun at spring training games to rooting on our favorite college basketball teams, spring is the time for sports, sports, sports!  One of the lesser known spring sports is horse racing, with its pinnacle being the Kentucky Derby happening only a few weeks away at the beginning of May! 

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Horse racing isn’t quite the normal sporting event most people know about, but it is one of the longest standing traditions in our country’s sporting history.  The Kentucky Derby first took place in 1831 and is the USA’s oldest thoroughbred horse races.  It takes place in Louisville, Kentucky and is known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” as a mere two minutes is all it takes for the stately thoroughbreds to complete the 1.25 mile stretch that stretches through the Churchill Downs racetrack. 

Not only is the Kentucky Derby the pinnacle of high-speed horse racing, but it is the pinnacle of high society!  The social scene surrounding the Derby borrows from English societal traditions yet adds its own bit of Southern charm.  Ladies step out in their fanciest spring attire, adorning themselves with bows, ribbons and the Derby signature of oversized hats.  They walk around the course sipping the traditional drink of the derby, the Mint Julep, perfect for a warm spring’s day.  The race is also known as the “Race for the Roses,” as the garland the winning horse is awarded is made up of beautiful roses.

Even if you don’t have a seat in the Millionaire’s Row in Louisville, there are fun and creative ways to bring the Derby to you!  Here

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at Sweet Deal, we’ve put together special events with a Derby flair where people can enjoy the race and the atmosphere surrounding it from the comfort of their homes.  We’ll bring in betting boards so your guests can pick their favorite horse, and we’ll even roll out a blackjack table and dealer for those in a gambling mood!  A cigar station is a perfect addition to a spring day of betting, while our bartenders will whip up some tasy mint juleps for a refreshing treat.  Our Special Event division will go even a step further and decorate your venue with luscious roses and fancy hats for your guests to pick from.  A Derby Day in the sun is the perfect idea for a special event, charity fundraiser, or corporate party!

If you are interested in hearing more about creating a Derby Day with Sweet Deal, please contact us at!


Speakeasy Fever!

March 7, 2011

Everywhere I look lately is the word speakeasy.  It harkens back to the days when alcohol was barred and gangsters prowled.  It recalls the plumes of smoke wafting up from hidden underground bars and the hushed sounds of casino gambling.  Be it an event that Sweet Deal is part of, an old-style bar opening up on either coast, or an inspired cocktail from the traditional drinks, speakeasy is all the rage today.  From my own experience I must say that there is something grand, luxurious and just plain fun about hamming it up flapper-style while sipping on a tasty Negroni!!

As a Sweet Dealer, I’ve taken part in my own speakeasy style event in San Francisco last September.  Of course, nowadays alcohol is allowed to flow freely and it surely did at this “Ragtag Rabble Soiree” seeing as the event was part of San Francisco’s Cocktail Week.  We Sweet Dealers donned our best vintage-inspired garb; jewels, feathers, and boas included.  Top mixologists whipped up classic cocktails with modern day twists, burlesque dancers and musicians performed their trifles and Sweet Deal’s casino dealers served up a gaming frenzy.   I dealt craps to a crowd that was having the time of their lives, throwing the die with such enthusiasm and force that I had to chase after the runaway dice under the tables all night!  You can see some of the photos from that event here.

Just as our casino event was tucked into the back hidden room of the quaint Crescent Hotel in San Francisco, obscure spots with secret entrances are popping up all over the nation from Santa Monica ( to Brooklyn (  The hidden gems always have a secretive feel, yet never exclusive.  They open up their arms to anyone who may encounter their veiled doorways and feel the urge to sway with the string trio playing a soft lilting tune inside.  Of course, a speakeasy wouldn’t be a speakeasy without the ultimate forbidden pleasure: fiercely delicious cocktails.  Around the modern day speakeasy has evolved a rich and unique world of mixology.  Bartenders take their inspiration from the old drink standards like the Manhattan & Old Fashioned, but then add a unique twist that makes it oh so nouveau…and might I add, oh so scrumptious!

The speakeasy style of mixology has started a renaissance of the cocktail across the country.  No longer is the art of a cocktail strictly found in exclusive high-end bars.  Now, everywhere you look you will see unique cocktails on the menus of local restaurants and hotel bars.  The speakeasy is no longer a quiet movement, peeking out with secrets from underground; it is a mainstay in the American tradition of  enjoying the simple pleasures in life: good drinks, good eats, good company, and good times!

Becoming A Sweet Poker Dealer

February 14, 2011

This is a guest post by Quinn W.  She is a promotional spokes model for Sweet Deal who has gone through our casino training programs for our craps, poker, and blackjack teams in Southern California.  

If you are interested in becoming a Sweet Deal poker dealer, we are setting up a new training class soon.  Email for more information on starting your journey towards become a Sweet Casino Dealer!! 

“Little old me… a poker dealer?  I’ll never remember the suits, the winning hands, or the payouts.  Actually, I don’t even know what those terms mean!!”

Here is me dealing at a tournament in San Diego!

This was me: completely and utterly clueless when it came to the game of poker.  Aside from my beginner’s luck when I won the only poker game I ever played (I was 10 years old so I wouldn’t exactly call it skill), I didn’t know a thing other than what I learned from James Bond in Casino Royale. 

But here I found myself working for a company called Sweet Deal as a spokes model, and I’m asked to join their trained roster of Sweet Deal poker dealers.  I had worked as a hostess at a few of their charity casino tournaments in the past, and I was amazed by the skill and professionalism of the dealers.  The guests always seemed to have a blast too! 

I decided I had nothing to lose so I pushed my chips “all-in” and I joined the Sweet Deal poker training program.  The management at Sweet Deal had a whole program set up for their new dealers, so when it came time to “shuffle up and deal” at their casino events, I felt completely prepared.  The Sweet Deal poker dealer training program was informative, comprehensive, and fun!!  Jim Fitzgerald is the main instructor, and he is a very clear teacher of the techniques and tools a dealer will need throughout a tournament. 

Taide at a corporate casino night in Palm Springs

Here is a little rundown of the training so you know what you are committing to if you are interested in becoming a dealer:

Intro Class: A class for girls (and guys!) who are interested in the training.  The instructor, Jim Fitzgerald, talks you through the basics of the game and you get a chance to sit in the dealer chair for a few hands.

Training Sessions: You will attend weekly training sessions until you are approved to move forward.  The duration of these sessions really depends on how quickly you progress.  You are taught the ins and outs of the game from both the dealer’s and player’s perspective, and then you put the techniques into practice. 

Practice Games:  Once Sweet Deal and Jim feel you are ready to move on, you are thrown into a practice game!  10 players gather around the table and you act as if this is a real deal.  The pace is quick and you must stay on your toes.  Jim is always there to offer tips and advice, so there is no need to be nervous.  This is the best training you can have in preparation for Sweet Deal’s casino events.

Simone at the Playboy Mansion Pre-ESPY Charity Tournament

All in all, I enjoyed my time in the Sweet Deal training program and have had so much fun working the events.  I’ve been able to deal at Sweet Deal’s casino events all across Southern California: school fundraisers, golf tournaments, Hollywood parties, and the Playboy Mansion!  It’s good to be a Sweet Dealin’ lady!

Biz Bash 2010 Style Awards

March 22, 2010

The Biz Bash 2010 LA Event Style Awards are coming up this spring! We were so proud to be a part of two of the winning 2009 categories. Our Sweet Deal casino dealers added some sweetness to the Red Carpet and entertained some celebrities for the casino at Ellen Degeneres’ 50th Birthday Party, which won Best Corporate Event Concept and Best Entertainment Program/Concept.  Ellen’s party was hosted by Warner Brothers and celebrated not only her birthday but also her move from NBC to Warner Brothers. The theme was vintage carnival and included talent ranging from our very own beautiful casino dealers, a dance crew performing on the interactive dance floor, to Ryan Seacrest flying in on helicopter to host. With the 2010 Biz Bash submissions due April 9th, we have to wonder who will top last years amazing events and take home this years awards.

Take a peek at our photos from Ellen’s 50th birthday bash here!