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A Sweet Summer Barbecue!

June 24, 2011

It’s officially summertime, and that means fun in the sun for us at Sweet Deal!!  When the weather warms up, we head out to the beach for summer parties but can also be found at home, lighting up the barbecue and having a great time with friends and family.  We love to incorporate our consumer product clients and friends into our own barbecues, as well as the private parties we produce as part of our Event Planning Division.  Here are some of our favorite snacks and drinks to satisfy everyone’s warm weather cravings! 

Vitamin Water – Not only does VM taste delicious, but it keeps you hydrated when the sun is beating down.  We love the new line of Vitamin Water Zero that loses the calories, but keeps the same refreshing taste.

Sweet Deal brand ambassador Sara promoting popchips at a Seattle Seahawks game!

popchips – Mmm, mmm good!!  If you’ve ever popped one of Pop Chips’ flavors like Barbecue or Sour Cream & Onion, you know we’re right when we say these little tasty morsels are absolutely addicting.  They are the perfect complement to your main barbecue dishes, be it a hamburger or hot dog. 

Sweet spokes models Danielle and Lauren at a beach promo for Seagram's Sweet Tea Vodka

Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka – What’s better than lounging in the sun with a nice cool cup of lemonade?  We’ll tell you what: spiked lemonade!!  This Sweet Tea vodka from Seagram’s is our favorite brand to whip up some Arnold Palmers for grown-ups.  Stick a colorful umbrella swizzler in, and you’ve got the makings of a great party!

Savida Sangria – If you’re hankering for a fruity drink, our choice for a Spanish favorite is Savida Sangria.  Cut up some fresh fruit (we recommend oranges, peaches, apples, and grapes!) and let it sit for awhile in the sangria, so the fruit really soaks up the liquid.  When it’s ready to serve, your guests will be asking for more pitchers all night long!

Luna Bar/Clif Bar –Either for a healthy snack in the beginning of the night or a dessert to close the evening, these whole grain and tasty treats are great for adults and kids alike.

DRY Soda – For the non-drinkers of your guests, we highly recommend grabbing some DRY Soda at your local Whole Foods.  With

A DRY Soda in-store promotion in Las Vegas

flavors like Lavender, Lemongrass, and Vanilla Bean (amongst others), this is a perfect alternative to wine as it pairs very well with many types of food.  Low in sugar and calories, this a perfect treat for a warm evening under the stars.


We’re Mad (and made) for March Madness!

April 5, 2011

As the weather drags its feet getting warmer, basketball season picks up the pace and Sweet Deal spokesmodels bring the heat that the sun is withholding. Can you believe we’re already in The Final Four?! While the last teams standing may be considered “unexpected” as followers of March Madness can learn from reading SB Nation, the most engaging, up-to-speed sports blog in the sphere, the energy and flair that our models bring to college basketball fans participating in a lively event to honor the season has come to be relied upon. Guests of the Sports Blog Nation party are the lucky recipients of the spirit, and (literally), CHEER, of Sweet Deal facilitators. Sometimes it takes a woman’s honed eye for detail to ensure that the best hospitality is provided. Therefore, our lovely ladies are present at events to make sure that every face is smiling and every thirst is quenched by a sweet drink. Samsung has come on board to sponsor the event and, most importantly, to provide adorable, peppy outfits for our models. March is mad, yes, but our models infuse even more frenzy into this sports extravaganza held at The Parlour, Midtown in Manhattan as they greet guests and attend to their comfort. Equipped with cute outfits, bubbly personalities, and sports knowledge, the models are a match made in heaven for events of this nature: supervising every operation from ensuring the most exciting music to providing up to date sports information covered by SB Nation, sweet deal moves the party down the court.  Our models are well-acquainted with the fiery force that is sports fan-ship. They’ve got plenty of experience. In fact, this past fall our models directed a fun, successful Fantasy Football Draft for Yahoo Sports and Thrillist that featured snacks, Mikes Hard Lemonade, and the customary stellar company of sweet sports fans. Ben Hindiman, former National Events Director at Thrillist sent us this sweet note, “Just want to thank you (profusely) for yet again delivering a talented, friendly, charismatic, punctual and hard working group of staffers for my events.  You always exceed my expectations with your staff choice and these ambassadors are no exception.” The tradition of food, flirty fun, and competitive sports that makes up the fabric of American life continues to sizzle with sweet models as the gracious hostesses.

Demonstrating Sweet Taste

March 25, 2011

Laos is a lovely landlocked country in southeast Asia bordered by Thailand to the west. Two of these countries’ best exports teamed up to sponsor a fantastic demonstration, with Sweet Deal brand ambassadors serving as liaisons of Laos. As spring continues to tease us with the promise of sunshine, flowers, and an eventual glorious summer, Sweet Deal brand ambassadors come to the rescue  by wetting your whistle with a free sample of tropical beer that has traveled all the way from the eastern hemisphere.  At the acclaimed restaurant, Pongsri Thai, in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, customers were given the opportunity to discover (or in some cases, rediscover) a great lager to add to their list of good libations. As friends and family sat down to a delicious meal, they were extremely pleased to be offered samples of Beerlao, the national beer of Laos. The Sweet Deal brand ambassadors operating the demonstration know how to make the most of a sweet sample. They poured the delicious tropical lager into the center of the cup so the customer could enjoy the flavor of jasmine rice enhanced by creating a nice head in the beer, and guided them through the experience by asking them to stop and appreciate the fragrance and unusually light taste. Not only did these lucky diners get free beer, but they went home with Beerlao stickers, pins, and information as well. There are  intricacies to promoting a brand that may be new to a certain consumer base. Tasters must not only like the product, but they must also remember to keep it at the top of their grocery lists and know exactly where to get it. Our brand ambassadors for Beerlao had a jolly time with the customers, listening to stories about one diner’s time spent living in Laos, while also delivering all the pertinent information about the product. Our brand ambassadors take time to chat and exchange stories with the people they demonstrate to, intertwining the experience with the product into the warm, friendly conversations about 14th century castles and beautiful rainy seasons in Laos. In the aftermath of St. Patrick’s Day, beer aficionados may be interested in a sweet, unassuming lager that packs all the alcohol content with less of the bulk. If it is company and conversation you are interested in, contact Sweet Deal to put a personal touch on your brand.

Smiling Is Good for Business at Professional Conferences and Expos

March 10, 2011

In the exciting, rapidly evolving world of digital media, leading companies must be able to engage with other movers and shakers in the market. To be able to demonstrate the full meaning of the word ‘engage’, a spokesmodel trained to represent a cutting edge digital media company must be impressive and well informed. Sweetness goes a long way, but a nuanced understanding of our clients’ professional operations takes a networking opportunity even further–From strictly business to business and fun. Our intelligent spokesmodels strive to represent your business with exemplary professionalism and memorable charm.PaymentOne, a valued client that connects digital merchants and network operators by providing secure, easy third party billing, attended the Engage 2011 Conference and Expo at The Javits Convention Center in NYC. To take full advantage of a conference, executives usually attempt to be in many different places at once: business meetings, keynote addresses, other booths, etc. Our clients can feel confident that their booths are being gracefully represented as they make their appointments. The Engage 2011 Conference and Expo took place alongside the American International Toy Fair, allowing attendees from the digital concept and programming side to interact with the buyers and exhibitors. United under the same roof, the business opportunities were ripe. Our savvy spokesmodels know exactly how to capitalize on such opportunities. A natural communicator, she explains the basic concept of PaymentOne to an interested passerby, remaining conscious of the nametag around his neck and his interest in the company she represents on the tradeshow floor to ensure that she delivers information that is precise and relevant. A sweet model practices an effortless interpersonal zeal at all times, which is very important when making impressions on potential business partners. Even more important, however, is the preparation that she receives in order to effectively market her client. Commanding the booth by collecting and handing out business cards, fielding questions, making connections, and reporting to the client keep her on her toes. She’ll also help you set up your fussy banners and displays and come up with solutions for any problems that may arise. Our models are handy! If you are interested in hiring a capable spokesmodel with experience working professional conferences, expositions, and tradeshows, you may consult our model registry, or we’ll happily provide a model with the desired qualifications. Please contact

Sweet Blog

January 19, 2011

Isn’t our new blog the sweetest? Welcome to the latest location for updates, event coverage, and highlights of our Sweet Deal-ings. We never were much good at keeping secrets, so now we’re spilling all the tantalizing details here. Hope we’ve perked your interest and earned your curiosity. Come back and check in with us as we deliver 2011 news as it’s made!

Biz Bash 2010 Style Awards

March 22, 2010

The Biz Bash 2010 LA Event Style Awards are coming up this spring! We were so proud to be a part of two of the winning 2009 categories. Our Sweet Deal casino dealers added some sweetness to the Red Carpet and entertained some celebrities for the casino at Ellen Degeneres’ 50th Birthday Party, which won Best Corporate Event Concept and Best Entertainment Program/Concept.  Ellen’s party was hosted by Warner Brothers and celebrated not only her birthday but also her move from NBC to Warner Brothers. The theme was vintage carnival and included talent ranging from our very own beautiful casino dealers, a dance crew performing on the interactive dance floor, to Ryan Seacrest flying in on helicopter to host. With the 2010 Biz Bash submissions due April 9th, we have to wonder who will top last years amazing events and take home this years awards.

Take a peek at our photos from Ellen’s 50th birthday bash here!